Writing Business: Identity in the Making


Writing is a Business. Take it as a Business. It gets your head ready to accept. The feeling precisely tells you to do good. Don’t underestimate your writing-desire – Feel it and spillover it. 

Don’t let the fear stop you…

Don’t make things difficult for you – Because people out there got this to handle…  Continue reading

Pursuit, Marketing and the Next Door


Switching back yourself to motivated-track. Feeling energetic as ever. Ready to work hard again. It’s a way forward that every Writer, Entrepreneur and Marketer thinks or wants to think at some point – Especially when he/she wants to get going. 

There is always a next door. There is always a hope. It should be. We don’t know exactly about tomorrow. We don’t see things few hundred miles away from naked eye. We work, we try, we fail, we learn and we decide which side we want to be on. Continue reading