Brutal Thoughts: How to Help Yourself to Keep Fighting


Keep fighting is tough. Keep pursuing the dreams looks slightly difficult too. Be realistic, difficulty isn’t sweet. Accept things in life. Acceptance doesn’t mean to quit…

It’s another reason to keep going.

Every dreamer whether Entrepreneur, Blogger, Author or Personal trainer motivates himself to continue the race, to keep going, to keep progressing…

Sometimes they think it’s not working.

It effects the cause.

Some people quit, Some people just take a lonely walk to decide whether to quit trying or give it more time… And interestingly some people gets disappointed but they know that they’ll be back on track after a certain period. And they get motivated again for the race.

It doesn’t matter you’re fighting your fears to quit your job or you’re struggling to write your first book… All what matters is, are you the one who is fighting for something!

Keep fighting is tough! 

People try to get help. They read experts, they listen to the successful people (of their fields), they want motivation back… 

Once you start believing that everything is possible, and you can still make it – Your half motivation job is almost done. 

You know, I used to panic a lot, and then I started realizing that it’s not going to work… 

Then I thought that I’ve to figure it out that how to end this panic situation and condition. 

Believe me, I managed to control that… 

You would like to know how I did that… How I Stopped Panicking and Improved my Performance… 

You’d love to find out. 

Helping Yourself

It’s possible. Realization comes first. Find out the reason to your panic. Address the problem. And clearly tell yourself not to panic and it’s going to be Alright. 

Panic Attacks don’t help the cause. So don’t buy them!

You just started a small business. Your Startup doesn’t look to work…



Take a break, give yourself some time to think about it. What we do is, we keep all the conditions together… We keep working, thinking and finding the solutions together – In result, nothing comes positive which ultimately increases the pressure on mind. 

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